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Well, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now.

I have a regular client who calls me out for various computer problems. He bought a new Blackberry over the holidays, but couldn’t get it to sync with his ACT! database system.

He called me in to help, and he wasn’t wrong to do so, the new phone was being exceptionally problematic.
Well, it wasn’t the phone itself, you see his version of Blackberry Desktop Manager was not compatible with his new phone model – and the newest version of BBDM would not launch after install.

I searched forums, worked on the registry, downloaded brand new drivers – and BBDM would crash crash crash.
The BB forums were filled with similar complaints – but nobody over at RIM knew what was causing the conflict and there was no solution.

I went home to do some research (in motion).

Today I got it all working in under an hour – using Google as a middle man and bypassing the stupid Desktop Manager altogether!!

Not only did it all work, but now my client is always synced, automatically and wirelessly (before he had to actually connect via USB and would sometimes leave his phone in the office overnight just to sync)

He was over the moon with my outside the box solution, and called me a computer WIZARD!

Gave me a fat check on the spot, and I am sure he will be recommending me to other people.

Yeah…….. feeling pretty good!




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