Wedding Olala

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I started working for as a short term flash designer. They wanted me to make a custom application called “Build Your Own Cake” makes and sells “Favor Cakes”. I had no idea what a favor cake was, it isn’t really a popular concept here, but it is HUGE in Asia. When you have a wedding or other large party, the host is expected to give small gifts or souvenirs to all the guests. WeddingOlala designed small triangular boxes that assemble to look like a large wedding cake, each guest takes one of the boxes home, and inside there is a picture of the bride & groom, small gifts, or candy. has dozens of specialty designed cakes to fit several different occasions. They have several different colored favor boxes, ribbon colors, toppers, and other accessories. They wanted to create a way for people to customize their own favor cakes. They didn’t just want a couple drop down menus, they wanted it to be fully visual and interactive.

There are 6 different parameters you can change, some with dozens of options. The last time I did the math there were over 33 million unique cakes you could make – that number increased with every new color and option we added. It was a big success for

I was originally hired just to make the flash application, but they asked me to stay on for a couple extra days to update their shopping cart and checkout system. After that they asked me to improve the way their normal cakes were displayed. Long story short they kept me on for almost 2 years – I finally left them when they moved their operation from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, CA.


Some other notable things that I did while at

  • Made a Canadian and UK version of the website for these affiliates
  • Converted the ASP.NET / MsSql setup to LAMP
  • A complete redesign with collapsible menus, animation, and videos
  • Added a Personalization system which allows users to write messages on ribbons and favor boxes
  • Provided IT support for the company for almost 2 years
  • Supervised 3 other IT employees
  • Trained the sales department in the use of ACT! customer management software