The Voynich Solution

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“The Voynich Solution” is a novel centering around a real medieval document that has confounded researchers for hundreds of years.

The book is either written in a complex code, or in a lost language – and this novel introduces a new theory about its origins and meaning; all wrapped up in an adventure/mystery story. The author did his own new research on the manuscript (over 1000 hours of research).

This is one of the most stylized websites I have done. The client wanted to use images from the manuscript throughout the website.

The background text are actual scans from the manuscript, as are the navigation buttons.

The unique font of the regular text throughout the site comes from the Google Web Font project - it has been tested by Google to work across browsers and platforms and mobile devices.

The website also directs people to buy the ebook version of the novel.

The website also has an online contact form and a rotating (fade in, fade out) review area.