Basic Website Web Design

A basic website is a quick and simple set of pages with and a contact page.

If you have a business, or simply want an online presence, but you are not looking for anything fancy or complex, this is for you.

A basic website can be created from the initial consultation to launch in less than a week.


An E-Commerce website will allow you to sell a single product or multiple products online.

There are a lot of components involved in a web store, the store itself, the payment system, product descriptions and images, as well as the shipping, tracking, and inventory system.

I can help you from square one, or just help you finish something that was already started.
If you have an existing website with products on it, I can turn that into an online store with a payment gateway.


A promotional website is one that showcases a specific item, person, or product.

I can make a promotional website for your band, a custom website displaying your music, music videos, tour dates, and even a place to sell your branded T-shirts. We can even setup a digital download store where people can buy your tracks.

If you have a new product or invention, I can make a custom website that describes what it does, include reviews and testimonials, include videos or commercials of the item, and of course a place to purchase it online.

Photographers and Models have plenty of options for displaying their work. There are places like Facebook, Flikr, and Model Mayhem; but there is nothing quite like having your own portfolio site with a custom URL. Plus with a custom website you can choose exactly how to display your work, embed watermarks and copyright protection, and decide for yourself the categories and navigation.


Blogs (web logs) come in all shapes and sizes. There are video blog sites, photography blog networks, podcasts, the options are endless.

If you are looking for something special, you want a custom blog website.

Custom blogs have the advantage of standing out and being designed and organized exactly how you want it.

Social Network

This is not for people who think they have the next Facebook.

Instead this is for people who want a website with a few or several social components.

This includes Facebook (and other network) connections and plugins. It also includes websites with user accounts, profile pages, friend lists, the ability to follow other users, and functions allowing users to cross post messages on Twitter and other sites.

If you have a website that is more of a community than a storefront, this is the option you want.

Advanced Website

An advanced website is a project that includes features on a blog, E-Commerce site, social network components, and more.

If you have a large project or a completely unique idea – you will want to get an advanced website.