Digi Sky Games

website URL: digiskygames.com

DigiSky Games is a small group of programmers and graphic designers aiming to make fun casual mobile games. Designers and developers working directly without all the overhead.


I’m the Web Developer and head up the Marketing department.
We grew up playing video games and still do, it’s in our blood. Milestones met and Launch dates kept is our standard. We are always trying out new ideas and changing traditional formulas to make great new games.

Bouncing Pets is the first game out of DigiSky Games. It features a multitude of animals like dogs, cats, and pigs. Help these cute and furry creatures to safety. As a thank you, they’ll throw out coins for you.

Download Bouncing Pets for Free here

Alliance Plastics

website URL: allianceplastics.net

One of the services I perform is consultations. In September I presented an introduction to Act! by Sage{link}.

Act! is a Contact Management Software (CMS), which allows companies to keep track of large numbers of contacts effectively and efficiently.


Alliance Plastics, a company based in South Carolina, placed an ad looking for an Act! instructor. Alliance Plastics has offices and warehouses across the country, they need a centralized system for keeping track of customers and vendors.
They recently purchased several licenses for a program called Act!, and they needed help installing and training several of their employees.

Alliance Plastics purchased Act! Premium for Web 2013. This version of Act! allows for a web server to run Act! from a centralized location. All users log in to a website through the browser and run Act! remotely. Act! Premium for Web required Windows Server 2008, and the users interact through an ASP.NET website. We could have used a static IP address to login remotely, but I suggested they use a domain name and direct it to the server to make it easier for users to remember. With Act! installed, ports configured, and remote login software up and running, we were ready to get started with the staff.

Before the meeting, I used Join.me screen-sharing and conferencing software to install FireFox and bookmark the remote login page. Act! Premium for Web will only work with Internet Explorer or FireFox browsers. Most of the staff had IE as their default browser, it was a pleasure to install FireFox for them.

Alliance Plastics has an office in Las Vegas, and they flew out a dozen key employees to take part in personal training in the program.
I created a 30 page slide show presentation for this class. We went through images, menus, videos and went through practice contact entries.

The Alliance Plastics team thanked me for the training, and I still work with them from time to time on updates and complex Act! maneuvers.

Wedding Olala

website URL: weddingolala.com

I started working for WeddingOlala.com as a short term flash designer. They wanted me to make a custom application called “Build Your Own Cake”

WeddingOlala.com makes and sells “Favor Cakes”. I had no idea what a favor cake was, it isn’t really a popular concept here, but it is HUGE in Asia. When you have a wedding or other large party, the host is expected to give small gifts or souvenirs to all the guests. WeddingOlala designed small triangular boxes that assemble to look like a large wedding cake, each guest takes one of the boxes home, and inside there is a picture of the bride & groom, small gifts, or candy.

WeddingOlala.com has dozens of specialty designed cakes to fit several different occasions. They have several different colored favor boxes, ribbon colors, toppers, and other accessories. They wanted to create a way for people to customize their own favor cakes. They didn’t just want a couple drop down menus, they wanted it to be fully visual and interactive.

There are 6 different parameters you can change, some with dozens of options. The last time I did the math there were over 33 million unique cakes you could make – that number increased with every new color and option we added. It was a big success for WeddingOlala.com.

I was originally hired just to make the flash application, but they asked me to stay on for a couple extra days to update their shopping cart and checkout system. After that they asked me to improve the way their normal cakes were displayed. Long story short they kept me on for almost 2 years – I finally left them when they moved their operation from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, CA.


Some other notable things that I did while at Weddingolala.com

  • Made a Canadian and UK version of the website for these affiliates
  • Converted the ASP.NET / MsSql setup to LAMP
  • A complete redesign with collapsible menus, animation, and videos
  • Added a Personalization system which allows users to write messages on ribbons and favor boxes
  • Provided IT support for the company for almost 2 years
  • Supervised 3 other IT employees
  • Trained the sales department in the use of ACT! customer management software

Fingo Games

website URL: fingogames.com


Fingo Games is an online flash game website.

You can play games on your computer, on facebook, and on flash enabled mobile devices.

I worked on this project from its initial concept to its 6 game launch. I managed the IT and development department, and had 3 employees.

We arranged dedicated server hosting accounts, and created 6 online flash games. There is a user account system which keeps track of users, their game points, and developed contest systems.

The development of the game concepts was a bunch of fun, as was the coding that allowed multiplay. Several users were able to log in at once and play against each other or the computer in real time.

The Voynich Solution

website URL: thevoynichsolution.com

“The Voynich Solution” is a novel centering around a real medieval document that has confounded researchers for hundreds of years.

The book is either written in a complex code, or in a lost language – and this novel introduces a new theory about its origins and meaning; all wrapped up in an adventure/mystery story. The author did his own new research on the manuscript (over 1000 hours of research).

This is one of the most stylized websites I have done. The client wanted to use images from the manuscript throughout the website.

The background text are actual scans from the manuscript, as are the navigation buttons.

The unique font of the regular text throughout the site comes from the Google Web Font project - it has been tested by Google to work across browsers and platforms and mobile devices.

The website also directs people to buy the ebook version of the novel.

The website also has an online contact form and a rotating (fade in, fade out) review area.

Art of Learning

website URL: artoflearning.info

The Art of Learning is an educational day care center mostly for pre-kindergarten age children.

It was very fun to design this site, with it’s bright colors and designs.

The top area is made using flash animation. The rest of the website was made using HTML, except for the top enrollment form, which was made using jQuery and PHP.

Ryan IT Lab

website URL: ryanitlab.com

I also wanted to add this website itself as part of my Portfolio.

It is built using wordpress, but very customized.

Every section of the site has a unique template file, which allows different side menus and formatting. This post is not unlike the blog section, but has some notable tweaks.

The specialized formatting was achieved using PHP, and wordpress’s category system.

The top image was modified to represent building blocks of technical knowledge.

Ryan IT Lab represents many of the skills I use in my web development work.