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I love living in Las Vegas, NV.

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We have concerts, special events, and once a year – we have CES!!

Tech heads, Nerds, Geeks, and booth girls pack one of the largest convention spaces in the country. I love it so much.

I got to check out some of the new TVs we might be seeing in stores soon. The OLED TVs were amazing. The blacks were soooo deep, and the colors were incredibly sharp. The 80″ TVs were just ridiculously big. Flat screens are getting flatter – they had some frameless flat screens that had the picture go almost all the way to the edges, and the TVs were not much thicker than your phone!

I don’t like 3D – I just don’t like it – I think it allows directors to dumb down movies more and jack up ticket prices. Plus those stupid glasses give me a headache, every time. Several exhibitors had 3D TVs that blew – most had glasses, and the glasses free ones were horrible. All that known, I saw one 3D TV that blew my mind! You would look at this thing, glasses free and from any angle, and it really truly appeared like things were jumping off the screen!! It is made by Haier, and they had a slot machine video playing, I was at least 10 feet away from the TV, and I felt like I could reach out and grab the coins falling out of the TV. It was a very odd effect.

Cameras were also big this year. I saw several makes and models that were simple upgrades of previous models – which is cool, but not much to write about. 3 cameras really stood out for having awesome new features. Polaroid has a new Digital instant camera – for the people that love the “print on demand” Polaroid – now the camera/printer has 14 megapixels, an editing suite built in, and a memory card slot; I think it is a great improvement on the old school Polaroids. Polaroid also had a “Smart Camera” – which is basically everything in your smart phone, minus the phone. It is a 16 megapixel, internet enabled, ANDROID OS camera – it can download apps, play games, and take better pictures than any smart phone for years to come. Canon surprised me with a fantastic new feature on one of their new cameras: You snap a picture and it automatically grabs a video clip of 5 second after the shot and 5 second BEFORE the shot! Yes, the camera records footage before you snap the picture…… I really like that! Also, the image capture isn’t a frame of video – it is a snapshot image at maximum resolution – and it is accomplished with a duel core processor.

Sony and Casio has some cool “Smart Watches” to show off. I won’t lie – these are pretty cool! I would want to get one if the price was reasonable. They sync with your phone and let you know about texts, calls, emails, and interface with many of your phone’s apps. The Casio one is my kind of watch – G-Shock and tough, it also has a proximity alert that will let you know if your phone is more than a few feet away from you – try losing it now!

“Smart” was one of those words that you would hear at every booth – Smart cars, Smart refrigerators, Smart chargers…….. There was this Smart Window that was pretty cool – a transparent screen that works as your window – it has internet, apps, weather, and will turn opaque on command – acting as blinds. I thought that was pretty cool.

There were some new smart phones and tablets too – but they are not really my thing. I love my smart phone – but I don’t need to see 50 phones that will never go to market. And there are tablets being built by companies who have no business trying to scootch into the tablet scene – really Polaroid??

It was a fun time for sure – and I can’t wait to see what they have in store next year.

And if anyone wants to buy me a Haier 3D TV – just email me!




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