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I just leveled up after my workout today.

My stretches and cardio plus my sit-ups and push-ups earned me about 200 points, enough to level up.

I’m talking about Fitocracy, of course. The online workout tracker that allows you to collect experience points and level up – just like an RPG. There are Quests and Achievements worth additional points as well.

(comic by XKCD)

I took a few weeks off…… maybe more than a few…. due to the holidays. Now I have no excuse but to get back into my workout routine. Fitocracy helps me do that. Fitocracy is easy to use – you just tell the system what workout you did and how many reps/how much time spent – and Fitocracy will track your points.

Check it out – it is worth a look. It is in a closed beta right now, but if you put your name on the list, they get back to you pretty quickly. I have also requested additional invites.

2 other programs have been helping keep my resolutions. Push Ups pro and Sit Ups pro by NORTHPARK.

These Android Apps follow you through the workout and count your reps. You begin each app with a quick test to see how many push ups or sit ups you can do at a time – then it creates a 5 set daily workout for you. At the end of every workout, you can keep the workout the same way it is, make it a bit harder, or make it a little easier next time.

The real fun part of these apps are the rep counters. The push ups app asks you to touch your nose to the screen of your phone every rep, ensuring that you go all the way up and all the way down. And the sit up counter you hold to your chest while the accelerometer tracks your position and counts reps for you.
You may not have the same problem of losing count of reps like I do – but for me this is extremely useful!

These apps also track your progress over time and encourage you to increase the number of reps until you are doing over 100 sit ups and push ups a day!

These apps plus Fitocracy have given me the push I badly needed to start working out again after the lazy holidays, and it may work wonders for you too.

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