ACT! by Sage – CRM

Proficiency: Advanced
Years of Experience: 5

ACT! by Sage is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. ACT! is a way to keep all of your clients, contacts, vendors, and anybody else your company could know. Not only does ACT! store data; it reports, tracks, accounts, and makes notes on all the communication your company has with this people.


When ACT! is properly deployed, every phone call and email is linked with the client database. This means a new Sales Manager can instantly become acquainted with all the communications between the company and the client. I have worked with other CRM database programs before, and ACT! is my favorite and recommended choice. I have worked with cloud-based CRMs and local database server versions too. I can help managers and bosses sync their smartphones with ACT! so they can see their employees calendars and tasks in real-time too.

I am very familiar with ACT! by Sage, I have been working with many versions of ACT! software since 2009. I have installed the software at businesses, then instructed the employees how to use the software. I have also configured ACT! for companies, so that the settings are right so the company can make the most from using ACT!

A feature in ACT! 2013 by Sage – Premium allows you to create an ACT! Web Server, which allows users and staff from around the country to access and update the ACT! database from a web browser. I have experience installing and configuring this type of ACT! Server.

I also have some experience with other CRMs including WordPress CRM and