About Ryan IT Lab

Ryan IT Lab is  my web design and consulting business, my technology blog, and it is also my online screen name.

Ryan IT Lab also designates my unique, personal online presence.  Ryan is one of the most popluar names for men, and my last name takes 3 or 4 times to pronounce correctly and it is nearly impossible to spell. 

I enjoy medical shows and procedural crime shows, and they always have "THE LAB". It is where things get done! It is a location where the best and brightest of the show get to the root of the question and find a solution. Sometimes it is just the main crew, other times there are specialists and experts, but the buck always stops in the LAB. My idea of an IT Lab is where designers, coders, social media consultants, and SEO experts come together to build excellent websites.

Ryan IT Lab is my lab, where I organize the projects and experts.


I think the site is pretty self explainatory - There is a section for my IT skills and knowledge, a portfolio section of some of my past work, and a list of the services I offer. There is a place to contact me, a quick online quote form, a place for my updated resume (for people who need it), and on my homepage I have a blog.