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The Lab is where new things are made.
The Lab is where technologies are tested.
The Lab is where solutions are found.

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From building the servers to post-launch, our team of IT professionals will aid you at all stages of the development cycle.

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Do you have an idea for a website or an app? Ryan IT Lab can bring your idea to life with end-to-end development. Our team will design the database structure and stack structure that will serve your project best. Our administrative focus will ensure that you can view and control your project and see updates in real time.


Your project has been built, what next? Ryan It Lab can help your business grow after the launch of your app or website. We offer maintenance and tech support as well as new functionality requests. Some data can only be acquired after launch; user experience surveys and quality optimizations are important. Our team can help your project integrate with new and existing APIs.


Design is more than creating visually appealing art. Accessibility, front end concerns, interface design and copy authoring are all important parts of the design process. Ryan IT Lab has in-house artists that can walk you through the spec, proof, and finalized design process. We have experience in 3D design as well for folded prints and physical products.


Starting from scratch or bringing dead systems back to life, our experts have experience in computer repair. Our data recovery resources allow Ryan IT Lab to rescue data from erased or destroyed hard drives. Building a web server, app server, or mail server at home? We can help you select components and assemble your machine with you.

About Ryan IT Lab

Ryan IT Lab is a name I have used for IT work in Las Vegas for over 10 years. Since then I have partnered or hired more IT professionals from all levels of the stack. Together we have built websites, mobile games, promoted books, installed programs, and repaired countless devices. Creating new things from scratch is a passion of mine, and doing the impossible is the best feeling I know. When I ask, “What would you like to create?”, I really want to know. What is your idea and how can we bring it to life?

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