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Bouncing Pets is the first game to come out of the Digi Sky Games studio. It was launched in November of 2013.

Since then over 15,000 people have downloaded and played the game. They have played over 125,000 games.

I like the game, it is fun to play. It only takes a minute or two to get through a level.


Each level has a set number of pets that you need to rescue. You can do so in a number of ways. Drag your finger across the screen to move the main trampoline. If the pets bounce on the trampoline, you are fine – but if they hit the ground, you lose health, you only have 3 hearts until you lose a stage. You also have access to 8 different powerups to help you get through levels.


The levels get progressively harder. Trying to save 20 or 25 pets before 3 hit the ground can be a real challenge – especially if you have several pets on the screen at the same time. Choosing which powerups you level up is key to winning. I like the balloons and extra spring powerups the best.
You can collect coins each level, these can be used to level up your powerups – that is, increase the length of time the powerup is in play, and/or reduce the cooldonw time until you ca n use the powerup again.

Bouncing Pets is available for FREE on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

You can read more about Bouncing Pets at the official Digi Sky Games Website.

Digi Sky Games

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DigiSky Games is a small group of programmers and graphic designers aiming to make fun casual mobile games. Designers and developers working directly without all the overhead.


I’m the Web Developer and head up the Marketing department.
We grew up playing video games and still do, it’s in our blood. Milestones met and Launch dates kept is our standard. We are always trying out new ideas and changing traditional formulas to make great new games.

Bouncing Pets is the first game out of DigiSky Games. It features a multitude of animals like dogs, cats, and pigs. Help these cute and furry creatures to safety. As a thank you, they’ll throw out coins for you.

Download Bouncing Pets for Free here

Alliance Plastics

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One of the services I perform is consultations. In September I presented an introduction to Act! by Sage{link}.

Act! is a Contact Management Software (CMS), which allows companies to keep track of large numbers of contacts effectively and efficiently.


Alliance Plastics, a company based in South Carolina, placed an ad looking for an Act! instructor. Alliance Plastics has offices and warehouses across the country, they need a centralized system for keeping track of customers and vendors.
They recently purchased several licenses for a program called Act!, and they needed help installing and training several of their employees.

Alliance Plastics purchased Act! Premium for Web 2013. This version of Act! allows for a web server to run Act! from a centralized location. All users log in to a website through the browser and run Act! remotely. Act! Premium for Web required Windows Server 2008, and the users interact through an ASP.NET website. We could have used a static IP address to login remotely, but I suggested they use a domain name and direct it to the server to make it easier for users to remember. With Act! installed, ports configured, and remote login software up and running, we were ready to get started with the staff.

Before the meeting, I used screen-sharing and conferencing software to install FireFox and bookmark the remote login page. Act! Premium for Web will only work with Internet Explorer or FireFox browsers. Most of the staff had IE as their default browser, it was a pleasure to install FireFox for them.

Alliance Plastics has an office in Las Vegas, and they flew out a dozen key employees to take part in personal training in the program.
I created a 30 page slide show presentation for this class. We went through images, menus, videos and went through practice contact entries.

The Alliance Plastics team thanked me for the training, and I still work with them from time to time on updates and complex Act! maneuvers.